How to Ace the Police Officer Panel Interview – Information on Ways to Prepare For the Oral Exam

How do you prepare, and subsequently “ACE” the police panel interview?

Good questions. The best and most effective way to totally ace the police panel interview is to simply prepare for it. The bottom-line is there will be some questions on the police recruit interview that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you prepare for them. Questions like “why do you want to be a police officer” is one question that is almost always asked.

Parts of the police oral exam is so predictable, I don’t understand why more recruits don’t do the research. The success rate would be a lot higher if more applicants would simply spend 20 minutes of their time preparing for the interview. You see the police panel interview is not like a McDonald’s job interview. It is a lot more extensive with a lot more scenario base questions involved.

I’m not dogging any fast food joint, but the process is a lot more detailed. You can’t just walk in under-prepared and expect your answers to wow the panel. Trust me you are sabotaging your success if you do that. You want your answers to be clear, and concise. You also want your answers to be memorable without it sounding scripted. I explain how to do that in my new step-by-step police panel interview guide.

So how do you prepare then…

Well first of all you need to get a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked police oral board questions. It is pretty simple to find some of these questions, and I’m surprised that many of these recruits don’t even know this strategy exist.

First go to places online where active police officers hang out. Once there, get advise from them concerning the panel interview process. Trust me you’ll get 100’s of responses from active cops that are downright brilliant. Some of these cops may very well sit on the actual interview panel on their respective department. They know the do’s and dont’s of proper police interview etiquette. If you didn’t already know this police officers like to help those that want to be like them. That’s why I started this blog to help future cops.

Now it is super easy to find some of these cop specific websites. Simply Google “police forum” and you’ll find thousands of message boards where active cops congregate. You can even join a pro-police group on Facebook which is another place to network and meet other police officers. I hope this article helped in some way.

Source by EL Forestal