How to Improve Your Resume – Writing Tips & Suggestions

Resume making is probably one of the most overlooked parts of a job hunting strategy. You must have seen hundreds of resumes that have almost a similar pattern. The whole idea behind creating a resume is to attract the reader’s attention and compel them to want to know more about you. Does your resume serve this purpose? If your resume fails to attract employers, you may need to tailor the resume to marketing your skills to the employer in a nicer, clearer and attention-grabbing way. Perfect resume writing is an art and job seekers need to understand the power of a well crafted resume. Given below are some easy steps to help you make a resume that immediately sells you to employers. Have a look.

Use Bulleted Lists to make it More Reader Friendly

First and foremost, job seekers need to make their resume readable. As a job seeker, you should know that most of the employers screen resume for a span of only 2.5 to 20 seconds. To make resume more readable, use bulleted lists instead of using paragraphs. Bulleted lists make the resume look nicer and cleaner as well.

List the Resume Ingredients in order of Importance to the Reader

Find out about what the employer is actually looking for. According to the accepted resume ingredients rule, the dates on the resume are not as important as the tile or job position you held in your last job. Besides that, you need to list your working experience and education in the reverse chronological order so that the most recent one remains at the top of your resume.

Remove the Clutter

Job seekers need to make a resume which looks nice, is clear and much readable. Create the resume in such a way that there is no clutter; it means that you need to include only what is required. However, you need to strike a balance between providing too much information or too less information. The resume may contain clutters or unnecessary words even in terms of grammar and language. Eliminate unnecessary words, phrases and dates from the resume for making it more and more user-friendly.

Use Concrete Words/ Verbs to Describe Your Past Jobs

Appropriate word selection is very important while making a resume. To add weight to your resume, you need to use words that are concrete and consistent. For example, you can replace words like ‘complete ownership of’ with more consistent words like ‘supervised’. Also remember to avoid using weak verbs like ‘to be’ and ‘to do’. You can replace words like ‘worked with’ with concrete words like ‘collaborated’.

Focus on Describing Past Job Skills to be used in your next Job

Before you apply for a job of your interest, you must know what the employer is actually looking for in candidates. Depending on the next employer’s requirement, you can focus on job skills that you are supposed to use in your next job. Do not list task you did in your past job or skills which are not required in your next job. While you write the job resume, focus on and describe skills that the next employer is searching for.

Does Your Resume have a Sharp Focus?

As mentioned earlier as well, employers only scan the resume for a couple of seconds. So, your task is to set yourself apart from the crowd. While you make the resume, just focus sharply on what you want to do and what you are well versed with doing. An objective statement can help you sharpen your focus in the resume.

Source by James Tomerson