Infosys Sample Interview Questions and Tips to Clear the Interview

Problems from “Time and Work” have become very common in Infosys placement papers and interviews. Generally these problems are very easy to solve. For example consider the below question.

Sample Question 1:

Two and a half artists with 2 and half canvases in two and a half hours can paint two and a half drawings. How many artists are needed for 24 canvases and 24 drawings in 24 hours?


2 and half artist have 2 and half canvas hence 1artist for 1 canvas

2 artists can work in 2.5 hr to make 2.5 drawing. This relation can be expressed as,

1 artist: 1.25 hour: 1.25 drawing = 4: 5: 5

The question is to find the number of artists to paint 24 drawings on 24 canvases.

Increasing the values in the ratio 4:5:5 proportionately we can arrive at the answer which is 24 artists.

“Distance and Speed” is another important section where one can expect questions. Let us see a sample question.

Sample Question 2:

2) A thief is capable of running 20kms a day. A policeman who is to catch the thief can run 1km on the first day, 2kms on the 2nd day and so on. Then how long will it take the policeman to catch the thief?


Let n be no. of days required by the policeman to catch the thief. Then from the problem definition we can arrive at the equation, 1+2+3….+n = 20*n. The left half of the equation is nothing but the sum of “n” natural numbers. This can be re written using the mathematical formula n (n + 1)/2. Hence the above equation becomes,n (n+1)/2=20*n

On solving the above equation we can get two possible values, either n=0 or n=39. However since n = 0 can be only a theoretical solution, the correct answer would be n = 39. The policeman can catch the thief in 39 days.

In addition to questions from basic mathematics one can expect puzzle type aptitude questions as well. You can make use of Ravi narula, George summer and Sakunthala devi books to solve puzzles.

In verbal section there may be synonyms, comprehensions, sentence formation / correction etc. You should have a good vocabulary and knowledge in grammar to clear this section. This section is generally easier than aptitude.

Technical interview would be followed by HR interview.

Basic questions one can expect in HR interview are

1) Tell us something personally about yourself.

2) What value will you bring for the company?

2) You look so different in photo than in person, why?

3) Tell us something about your college final year project?

4) How did you enjoy your college life?

5) Will you be ready to relocate if required?

Generally panel members would expect confident answers.If you are unable to answer few questions, just be frank and say them that you don’t know or you don’t remember.

Source by Kamalkk Kannan