Tips For A Successful Investment Banking Internship Interview

Once the candidate successfully completes the networking related activities, he/she has to get ready to clear the Investment banking interview.

During the interview, two people from the investment-banking firm will interview the candidate. They will see whether the candidate has the right attitude and tries to judge whether the candidate fits the role. They basically check the communication capabilities of the candidates and the abilities to handle the questions posed during the first level of interview. There may be some questions related to the technical aspects.

If the candidate clearly the first level interview, then the company asks the candidate to take up the second level interview. In the second level, the candidate is interviewed by a bigger group of a 4-member panel. During the second level, the candidate will be asked technical questions and questions related to the personality of the candidate. The group generally wants to see the outlook of the person, as the candidate will be working for nearly 70 hours per week with this group.

Once the candidate successfully clears the second level, the company provides an offer to the candidate. During the second level, the candidate has to be genuine while facing personality related questions. There may be questions about the reasons for the candidate choosing this line. The candidate has to give a straight and a short answer and then provide a personal touch to it by narrating a personal incident, which created the interest. In the second level, the panel will look at he various personality traits of the candidate.

The candidate should always exhibit a positive attitude.

There is no better way to clear the interview other than sufficient preparation by referring to top rated investment-banking books. In order to remember the key concepts in investment banking, the candidate can make flash cards containing the questions on one side and the answers on the other side. The candidate can take out these flash cards from their bag and brush up the questions and answers related to key areas in investment banking. The candidate has to prepare for the interview keeping in mind that their future is at stake.

To sum it up, for successfully coming through the interview the candidate has to:

• Prepare the technical aspects for the interviews much in advance by referring to quality books

• Be sincere and place the real facts before the panel

• Face the interview with a positive frame of mind

Source by Erin S Parker